Your Record of Success

 You have accomplished more in your life than you give yourself credit for and I can prove it. We all underplay or forget about many of the accomplishments we have achieved and that’s a shame.

I often coach people who struggle with confidence. One of the techniques I use in those cases is to assign my coaches to complete what I call an achievement log. The assignment involves taking 20-30 minutes and writing down everything in life of which the person is proud. It is an eye-opening experience for most people.

If you’ve never completed something like an achievement log before, I strongly encourage to take time today to do just that. Write down everything you can think of, both professional and personal. Proud of a promotion? Write it down. Proud of your marriage and family? Write it down. How about educational degrees or certificates? Think about challenges you’ve successfully overcome, new skills you have learned, relationships you have developed or trips you have taken.

It’s no time for modesty when writing your achievement log. Be thorough in your analysis and honest in your assessment. It’s for your benefit.

Once you have completed your achievement log, reflect on what you have written. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? There is more on that list than you were consciously aware of when you started out.

I keep my achievement log handy so I can pull it our periodically and review it. I encourage you to do the same. You’ll find it beneficial when you are facing obstacles in your life or considering making changes or tackling new challenges.

The things you have accomplished in your life are the best testimony to your capability to achieve amazing things that you might not think you are capable of achieving. Sometimes all it takes is to periodically remind yourself of just how great you really are.