The Client Commitment

  1. The Client Commitment: My role as a coach is to serve as a guide and to help the client explore options. My job is to ask questions first, listen second and suggest different paths each session might take. I am non judgmental and strive to keep my personal opinions to myself. I must remain flexible as to the direction each coaching session will take.
  2. I am on time and fully prepared for each session. I immediately get down to business and give the client undivided attention for the full length of the session.
  3. The client determines the agenda for each session. I will request session agendas 24 hours in advance and will review the agenda prior to each session.
  4. Clients will be given fieldwork between each session. Clients will be asked to complete a call strategy form prior to the session that details what work has been completed since the previous session. The call strategy form is to be submitted 24 hours prior to the coaching session.
  5. I will review and reflect on every call strategy form prior to the coaching session.
  6. Clients can e-mail me at any time in between sessions. I will respond to each e-mail ASAP.
  7. I return all phone calls and requests for information ASAP.
  8. Each client will receive an appointment reminder prior to each coaching session.
  9. I will contact each client to schedule sessions for the next month at least ten days prior to the end of the month. I will give clients options of times that I am available for the next month.
  10. Coaching is done by telephone or in person depending on the clients desires.
Billing will be submitted one week prior to the end of the month. Clients are expected to pay in advance of receiving coaching services.