New Client Orientation



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This information is designed to help you get the most out of your coaching investment. It will help you understand how I coach, what I expect from my clients and what you can expect from me. Consider this your first piece of fieldwork and review this information prior to our first session. Any questions you have will be answered during the initial intake session.

Coaching is a Joint Commitment

If you are hiring me as your coach, you are probably ready to do and be your best. If you aren’t, I will ask you to. We will both come to the calls on time and ready to focus fully during the session. It is important that I hear you clearly, so avoid using speakerphones and avoid cell phones whenever possible. If you can’t hear me clearly, please let me know.


Coaching is a vehicle for achieving results but you are the driver. I expect you to provide an agenda for each call; this provides a clear focus and direction. You can expect me to weave in your defined goals as we move forward, keeping us both on track.   I am into serious results accomplished through a collaboration with you.


I will ask you to identify what you will accomplish between one session and the next. Most growth occurs in between coaching sessions. Together we will design 2-3 goals, actions or shifts to focus on between one call and the next. Remember, I expect you to do what you say you’ll do – if something comes up, you agree to renegotiate with me rather than get to the next session with items not complete. From time to time, I’ll also make direct requests, such as “Will you accomplish X by the end of the week. Please feel free to accept, counteroffer or decline.

Honesty-It’s a Two-Way Street

An honest coaching relationship requires that we each say what we need to say. This is about holding a high level of respect for each other and being honest at all times. I expect you to tell me when I say something that doesn’t sit well with you. I want you to ask for what you need (particularly important in the early phases of the relationship as I am learning about you). If coaching isn’t working the way you expected it to – say so and we’ll work through it or move on.


I hold my clients accountable to a high level of integrity and personal commitment. Payment is due by the 1st of each month that coaching occurs. I expect clients to honor my time and their commitment to themselves by showing up on time for their sessions. In return, I highly respect my clients’ time and commit to being on time and fully focused during the session.   While I try to be flexible and accommodate occasional rescheduling with advanced notice, frequent rescheduling is a problem. Cancellations/reschedules with less than 24-hours notice and missed appointments will be charged at the normal rate.

You are responsible for scheduling the appointments (frequency and length) as defined in your coaching agreement. You may schedule appointments for the coming month or for the entire quarter. Advance scheduling provides more options for you. Unused appointments cannot be carried from month to month.


I love referrals! A referral coming from you feels like an acknowledgement that I’m doing a great job, and is much more rewarding than a client from the yellow pages. If you know someone who could use a coach, simply refer him or her to me at 517-706-0001 to request a complimentary consultation, and have them mention your name. For a referral who becomes a client, I offer a free coaching session to you as a thank you.

Session Recording

You are welcome to record our coaching conversations for your future reference. I may occasionally request to tape a coaching session for certification purposes. You may decline this request at any time. Taped sessions may reviewed by the International Coach Federation to maintain high quality standards in the coaching industry. The tapes are treated as highly confidential. You will never be taped without your knowledge and full permission.
Let’s Get Started!

Every individual has an enormous reservoir of untapped potential that if effectively unleashed in their lives will make them more productive and fulfilled. I look forward to helping you achieve goals that result in a more satisfying professional life.