The Fit Leader’s Program™

Discover what leaders from corporations including Neogen, Farm Bureau Insurance, GreenStone Farm Credit Services, C2AE and the State of Michigan, as well as executives from more than 40 other organizations have experienced.

As a certified leadership fitness coach, I offer individuals and organizations a unique and powerful program that will help you grow your own team of great leaders. The Fit Leader’s Program™ created by Dr. David Chinsky is a comprehensive leadership development and training program that provides aspiring and high-potential leaders with a unique and integrated leadership development experience. Combining tool-based workshops, professional coaching and leadership assessments, the Program increases the participating leader’s clarity, confidence, effectiveness and vitality.

The Fit Leader’s Program™ introduces 40 unique tools and processes that create vibrant leaders who go on to enjoy balanced lives marked by personal health and sustained contribution. Program participants will be highly engaged in interactive workshops during which they are trained and coached by Certified Leadership Fitness Coaches.

One of the unique features of The Fit Leader’s Program™ is that during the weeks between workshops, participants receive coaching on the principles learned in each interactive workshop. The coaching helps build accountability and progress into the Program for each participant, in that they develop and are coached on their own action plan to implement Program teaching into their personal leadership development.

As an authorized licensee of the Fit Leader’s Program™, I am prepared to work with your leaders in a way that promises to be a transformative and memorable experience.

Program Outcomes:
After participating in the Program, leaders are more effective at:
  • Setting a clear direction consistent with the strategic goals of their organization
  • Sorting and prioritizing opportunities competing for their attention
  • Selling their ideas to colleagues and customers
  • Creating a work environment in which high performers thrive
  • Managing important change initiatives and transitions
  • Increasing the creativity, innovation and adaptability of their teams
  • Taming their self-sabotaging “inner voices” so self-doubt doesn’t get in the way of taking action
  • Utilizing delegation as a means to accelerate the development of successor candidates
  • Developing and delivering more impactful presentations
  • Choosing foods, exercises and other healthy habits to maintain peak performance
  • Adjusting to the communication preferences and conflict management styles of others
  • Balancing periods of high engagement with periods of rest and rejuvenation.
“The Fit Leader’s Program was exactly what we needed to move our internal talent to leadership greatness!”
“My next promotion came much faster once the Fit Leader’s Program helped me increase my Clarity, Confidence, Effectiveness and Vitality.”
“Even more elegant than I had hoped for, the Fit Leader’s Program opens doors for me, and shaved years off creating my own program!”