Lead to Lift Up Others

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Lead to Lift Up Others

Leadership Insights from a Caregiver’s Journey

The world we live in demands more great leaders. Whether in business, education, government, healthcare, non-profits, our families or communities, the single most important ingredient for success is leadership. We need leaders who can bring diverse groups of people together to manage change, solve problems and embrace a new, better vision for the future.

As the business world has shifted from the command and control style of leadership to a coaching culture, the skills needed to thrive as a leader have shifted. If you want to evolve and grow as a leader, you must continually adapt and adjust to the new realities of today’s world and anticipate and prepare for the changes coming in the coming years.

In Lead to Lift Up Others, Ross Woodstock shares 12 leadership insights from his years as a caregiver for his wife Sharen—a victim of a devastating stroke that changed both of their lives.  The compelling stories surrounding Sharen’s battle to achieve a satisfactory quality of life paint a picture of the characteristics needed to build a leadership legacy that will leave a positive impact on the world.

One of the essential truths in leadership today is that being a leader is not about you. Your greatest reward as a leader will come from investing yourself into the lives of those around you. You can accomplish this by letting them know you believe in them, celebrating their success, remaining positive in the face of chronic negativity, demonstrating resilience, encouraging those around you, remaining humble, maintaining an attitude of gratitude and committing to a strong foundation of values.

Throughout this book, you will be challenged to take a closer look at your own leadership journey. At the end of each chapter, Woodstock provides coaching tips, including hands-on activities that will allow you to apply each leadership insight into your everyday work. Commit to your personal growth and experience the transformational impact in your work as a leader with Lead to Lift Up Others.

It’s the rare voice one finds in leadership circles and especially in leadership writing—one inspired by real experience, heartfelt love and an enduring strength—that while sorrowful, finds a reason to rejoice. Ross Woodstock takes us through a journey that we will not soon forget. It’s one thing to write a book about leadership. It’s another to demonstrate sincere leadership within one’s inner person. This book is for those who are ready to embrace leadership at a personal and professional level. Not just read about leadership—but to truly embrace the journey into leadership.
Justin M. Sheehan
Be prepared to follow and learn from Ross' very personal journey of assisting his wife through her life changing trials and tribulations.  He has captured and presented valuable lessons reinforced by his experience with his wife and as a leadership coach.  This is a must read for leaders and those aspiring to improve their skills.
Ray Tadgerson
Ross Woodstock has managed to capture the traits and skills required of both caregivers and leaders and masterfully unite them in one of the most compelling and insightful books I’ve read on leadership.  This type of revelation only comes from someone who has experienced pain, passion, purpose and divine inspiration. It is a must read for leaders and a must read for the more than 38 million unpaid, family caregivers.
Paula D. Cunningham
A leadership book with a twist. Ross Woodstock uses narratives not only about his own personal leadership journey, but others that offer a window into his wife's perseverance as she rises to meet the challenges of her new health reality. Ross learns to navigate those waters with her and offers us personal insight on how that impacted him in ways he never expected. In learning to look at life differently, Ross developed twelve leadership principles and a road map for personal development. Those principles, paired with actionable items, guide you through your own leadership journey. Since reading Ross' book, I have already put his principles into practice, and I am a better leader because of it. This is a must-read.
Sheri Jones
Ross takes you on his personal journey as a caregiver for Sharen and wonderfully connects his unexpected life experiences and his 27 years in broadcast media to leadership insights. Ross’s core values of family and faith are strongly reflected in how he approached life challenges and pursued new career opportunities to his work in helping individuals strengthen leadership development. You will take away key strategies in improving your leadership skills while assessing new approaches in working with, growing and investing in your team.
Tim Daman
Thursday, August 31, 2017