Career Plateaus

Wouldn’t it be nice if we kept progressing every day in our careers? It is such a great feeling to experience growth and success—to know that you’re getting better at your profession.


Some days are like that. Other times we suffer setbacks where we feel like we are regressing. Hopefully, that doesn’t occur too often.


Then there are those darn plateaus.


You know the feeling. For weeks, sometimes months you don’t feel as if you are experiencing any growth at all. Oh, that’s frustrating! You work and work and work. You’re doing all the right things. Other people you see are progressing and your career just seems to sit in idle. Shouldn’t there be more immediate payoff for all your effort?


I’ve experienced numerous plateaus in my career. As I get older I find I am more philosophical about the experience because I understand one important plateau principle.


I will eventually break out of it and experience more growth in achieving my goals. It may not happen as fast as I would like, but if I keep doing the right things, it WILL happen.


Here are three suggestions that can make your time on life’s plateaus a little more bearable:


Don’t freak out. Plateaus are a normal part of life. They happen to everyone. It feels worse when you’re the one going through it, but understand that you will come out of that stage.


Break out of your routine. Be intentional about programming different strategies into your day. Play a round of golf. Exercise regularly. Drive a different route to work. Read a book or take a day off. Do something fun and different.


Learn from it. Plateaus are a test. God might be teaching you patience or discipline. They can also be a good time for some strategic planning. It is ironic to consider that at a time when you feel like you are progressing the least, you might actually be learning the most!

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