Presentation Training

Effective presentations can make-or-break a business deal. In today’s ultra competitive world, a good presentation can be the difference between successfully landing a big account and being among the also-rans that lost out. Making good presentations at the Rotary Club will lead to more speaking engagements and exposure for you and your business.

I train speakers in ways that helps them maximize the abilities they have for Presentation Training. I don’t use a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach. What I WILL do is help you find ways to develop and deliver presentations that communicate winning messages in a manner that works best for you.

I will work personally with you and/or your presentation team to assist you in effectively developing outstanding presentation skills, in areas including:
  • The importance of knowing an understanding your audience
  • How to identify and refine your key message points
  • Packaging presentations that hit the mark with your audience
  • The importance of a good opening
  • How to craft memorable moments that make a difference
  • Professional presentation techniques including maintaining eye contact, good body language, effective use of gestures, use of humor and voice inflection and pacing
  • The importance and the power of your smile

My experience as a college instructor, mentor and executive coach comes in handy when it comes to teaching the finer points of presentation skills. You’ll get to review video recordings of your rehearsals to help you better understand and improve upon specific techniques that will help you deliver a winning presentation.