Media Coaching

My career in the media industry gives me a unique perspective that clients seeking media coaching find immensely valuable.  Whether it is the smoothest, media savvy politician or a “Nervous Nellie” first-timer on TV news, I have seen it all when it comes to communicating in the media.

Being interviewed by the media can be a nerve-wracking experience for sure.  But, like most things in life if you understand and practice a few basic principles, you will find that you will not only NOT be terrified of those TV cameras (you’re not likely to have 60 Minutes hunting you down—but if you do call me!), but will soon start to feel confident and relaxed when facing the cameras.
During our half-day or full-day media training seminars, the Kolt Communications team of professionals will guide you through a process that will equip with important skills in the following areas:
  • How to build and maintain positive media relationships?
  • Understanding and transforming you media image
  • Developing key message points
  • How to stay “on-message.”
  • How to handle tough or unexpected questions
  • What to do when the media gets it wrong

You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to try your hand at “mock” radio and television interviews.  We’ll give you instant critiques and a hard copy of your interviews to take home and study (sure, it’s hard to watch or listen to yourself, but it will help you improve).

Ross and the team at Kolt Communications are always available for feedback and follow-up consulting before your next interview.  You can also come in for a follow-up mini-session to refine your media interviewing skills.