Keynote Speaker

I speak at a variety of conferences, sales meetings, lunch events and retreats.  I love to share experiences from my four decades in leadership, consulting and coaching as a Keynote Speaker.  I can’t say I’ve ‘seen it all’, however I sure have seen a lot—the good, the bad and the ugly.   I have learned from every one of my experiences, and  get energized whenever I have the opportunity to offer some of the insights from those lessons learned.

My multi-media presentations are informative, interactive and fun.  I would welcome the prospect of speaking on topics that are meaningful and helpful for your team.  Some of the hot topics on the circuit right now include:
  • How to drive employee engagement
  • Is work/life balance achievable?
  • Surviving in a world of doing more with less
  • Bridging the generation gap
  • Live your values—It is a bottom line issue!

Contact me to discuss your next event.  I’d love to help make it a success.